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Wed, Jan. 14th, 2004, 06:03 pm

Japanabama: Used to reference the location of a psychotic compulsive liar who makes up stories about where he or she is, despite damning evidence and common sense pointing to the contrary. Scientists presume that Japanabama is a colony of dishonest scoundrels in a parallel universe that does not quite lend itself to accurate traceroute results.

Usage: Snacks claims he's in Japan, but this IP address traces back to Alabama. I guess he must have gone to Japanabama.

Please note: The above definition, as it references a private conflict with another individual, has been removed. Please ensure that you do not use non-words such as this in your vocabulary unless proper copyright clearances have been received.

Also, note that years of being a good friend may be summarily tossed aside for travesties such as these.

Thank you.